The Simple Touch of Integrated Automation

If you’ve ever wanted a system that blends automation with security, efficiency and a touch of class – this is it; C-Bus Programming. Lightning Fast Electrical can install this magnificent technology at your home or workplace and configure it to suit the way you work and play.

What is C-Bus Programming

C-Bus programming allows you to manage and control lighting, pumps and other devices. Audio and visual programming can be installed around your office building or home residence no matter what the electrical load is. Experience the simplicity of basic on/off lighting or set the ambience with variable lighting controls like dimming functionality.

Rest Assured with Automated Security

No matter what the premises, security is no doubt on your mind. With C-Bus you can schedule lights to come on throughout the building or in certain zones at specific times. Integrated with alarm panels, video systems and other security equipment like movement sensors, our experienced electricians in Sydney will discuss the most suitable time-schedules and features to set to suit your requirements.

A Multi-Zone System to Suit Any Home

Multi-room system features are popular in residential homes especially. The flexibility of this top of the range technology means it can be distributed to enable you to select audio to be played in specific rooms or zones at any given time – a great option for entertaining large or smaller groups of guests at home.

The Tools That Enhance Integration

The C-Bus system truly delivers automation in one great package. This integrated solution delivers not only a stand-alone multi-room audio system, but can be linked with a C-Bus relay, dimmable lighting features and any other C-Bus enabled devices. C-Bus remote controls, input devices, touch screen technology and simple C-Bus wall mounted switches, all have some control over C-Bus system as a whole.

Synchronisation at its Best

When it comes to this level of technology, synchronization is important. Specific time intervals initiate the status of each C-Bus unit. Triggered by a rhythmic clock pulse, impressive amounts of data can be transmitted at the blink of an eye. The data is reliable, the process efficient and the overhead processing and bandwidth is minimal.

At Lightning Fast Electrical, we provide C-Bus Programming services in Sydney and surrounds covering the North Shore, Inner West, CBD and Eastern Suburbs.

With a commitment of high quality workmanship and professionalism, our experienced technicians are well-trained to provide the most customised solutions for our customers around the Sydney metropolitan area.

For more information about C-Bus Programming in Sydney and how it can streamline your lifestyle or working environment, give Lightning Fast Electrical a call today on 1300 791 232 or complete our contact form. We pride ourselves on our quick responses.

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